Breezeshare Selected for "Black 2 Crowdfunding" Startup Incubator Program

We are excited to announce that Breezeshare has been selected to participate in the "Black 2 Crowdfunding" Startup Incubator program. In this 5 month program, we will be apart of a cohort with nine other companies to be mentored on how to scale our business and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign. We will also have the opportunity to work on our pitch, be introduced to investors, and attract more users for our platform. Visit if you want to learn more information about the incubator.

We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign through the Fund Black Founder's platform in January 2020. This will allow our users and supporters to invest in Breezeshare through contributions to our campaign. This is a huge step for Breezeshare and we will definitely make the most of this opportunity.

We appreciate all of the support we have received so far. Please continue to use Breezeshare and share it with your friends!

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