Breezeshare Raises $10,000 in Crowdfunding Campaign

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Breezeshare has been able to surpass $10,000 raised in our crowdfunding campaign with FundBLACKFounders! We want to thank everyone for contributing to the growth of our startup. It's greatly appreciated. It's not easy for early stage businesses to raise venture capital or angel investments. Crowdfunding has been a huge help in keeping Breezeshare alive throughout this past year.

I've personally packaged and shipped everyone's rewards, so I'm happy to see everyone enjoying their merch! The support on social media has been unreal!

Thanks to your support, we have officially started working on the update to Breezeshare beta! The release of Breezeshare 1.2 will be a critical point in Breezeshare's story. I believe this update will be the start of Breezeshare's rise to the top. We will be adding social aspects such as posts, uploading content, etc, enhancing our design, remote control in sessions, and other important features. More details will be released soon!