Breezeshare Q1 2020 Highlights

2020 has been off to an unusual start. The COVID-19 epidemic has closed down several businesses and completely changed life as we know it.

Many of us have become reliant on technology to stay connected with our friends, family, and co-workers. Video conferencing and telecommunication software such as Breezeshare are rapidly gaining popularity. Luckily, we already were aware of the importance of these technologies when we founded Breezeshare last May.

Here are some of Breezeshare's highlights of 2020 Q1!

Reached 1,000 Users on Breezeshare

We have been focused on organically growing our user base. Breezeshare has made several new connections this year, which has a direct impact on product awareness.

Released Breezeshare 1.2 (In Progress)

New updates have been pushed to the Breezeshare web application. We have improved our web interface and overall user experience. Next week, we will be pushing updates that will give Breezeshare full social media site capabilities. This will make networking much easier for our users. We will also be releasing a desktop application that will improve latency, system audio capture, and remote screen control.