In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, racial tensions across the U.S. have left the country polarized and divided. Following the death unarmed, Black-American citizen, George Floyd, murdered by, Minneapolis Police Officer, Derek Chauvin, demonstrators have taken their protest to the streets of Minneapolis, New York, Canada, Atlanta, Britain, and Germany to name a few. Donald Trump, in 2017 twitter post, told police officers to be rough on people during arrests, imploring them to “please, don’t be too nice” — When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Such responses continue to fuel the PTSD of Black America.


In his third solo studio album, PTSD (Deluxe), for G Herbo's tracks "4 am - 8am," vividly illuminate the mental anguish of poverty, death, fatherhood, survival , and the social institutions of racism and discrimination from the optic of a young black male in America, 2020. Herbo further states PTSD influenced the therapy he took related to his upbringing and misdeeds amid his 2018 arrest.

So what is PTSD? Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition that's triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Racism is not the responsibility of minority communities to combat, as it is a social caste institution that has left relevant cases of centuries of trama that have met a majority of Blacks in America and allies to protest amid the recent murders of unarmed Black-American citizens, #GeorgeFloyd, #BriannaTaylor, & #AhmaudArbery.


Team breezeshare is teaming with music creatives, across ALL genres, to provide ALL artists a platform and space through breezeshare.com, to create, collaborate, record, and share their sentiments amid COVID19, black lives matter, police brutality, and BLM2020protest through the #beats4peace initiative.

Participating producers can send their (free) beats for BZ users to use to,1breezeshare@gmail.com, to be posted on our social media and BZ beats4peace Playlist. Artist can request the posted sample, with the intention to repost their version of the track tagging: #BREEZESHARE #BLM #BEATS4PEACE.

This is a June, month-long initiative, so send you craft in, we want to hear from YOU. These tracks can be used during the coming weeks, breezeshare Saturdays, June 13th, featuring Bizzie Made Productions, Producer Bizzie Made, known for tracks like "Quarter Brick," ft. Rick Ross.

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