5 Books That Helped Me As An Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

It's a great moment when you come up with an idea that you want to turn into a business. This is a moment that most entrepreneurs will never forget. It's easy to get excited about a new business idea, but then we all reach this next moment soon after - "Where do I start?".

This is how I felt when I decided to start Breezeshare this past June. I had an idea that I wanted to turn into a reality, but no clear vision to do so. I turned to Google to look for the answers that I needed. This led me to discover useful websites like Medium and Entrepreneur.com. (Medium has extremely useful articles. Check them out if you have a chance www.medium.com). However, I needed more personable advice from someone who has been down this same journey.

I reached out to Kevin Celisca, an old friend of mine from The Haitian Baptist Church where we grew up. Kevin is a co-founder of Integrate, a software company that seeks to enrich the classroom experience with technology. Learn more about Kevin and Integrate here.

Kevin recommended that I read the following books - The Lean Startup, Running Lean, The Four Steps to the Epiphany, Business Model Generation, The Startup Owner's Manual, and Get Backed. I decided to choose a few books from this list and find some based on my own interests.